Parents Leadership

The Latino Parent Leadership Development project has  identified parents leaders from each of the Northeast Title I elementary schools in the St. Vrain Valley Schools and provided training using the Colorado Statewide Parent Leadership Training program. This training provides information and skills on how to navigate the schools system, understanding and interpreting state assessments, conducting parent needs surveys, communications between teachers and parents, and the Colorado Content Standards.

LTF findings show that a major issue is that Latino parents do not have the information that they need to navigate the school system to better support their children. The education systems are a complex institution with various levels of bureaucracy and require a comprehensive understanding of the role and responsibilities of each level; from knowing the attendance requirements to graduating from high school. Successful students have parents that know the system and are able to provide the guidance and direction as well as be positive advocates for their children.  Latino parents will get this information and the skills to be able to assist their children as well.

Goal: the creation and development of the Latino Leadership Teams to form school-home partnerships with well-informed and skilled Latino community members, and ultimately enhance the achievement and graduation of the Latino students.