Latino History Project

Latinos and their contributions rarely appear in standard histories of Boulder County and its towns.  Many families—whether deeply rooted in the community or recent arrivals—have their own stories about the past, but these memories have rarely been recorded and are in danger of being lost. 
The Boulder County Latino History Project is going to do something about that!
In the summer of 2013, 12 young interns (ages 15-24) and other volunteers will work in the community to gather information about Latinos in Boulder County over the past century.  The book and film that result from this project will document the struggles Latinos have faced, their successes, and their contributions to the county.  Our interns will gain valuable experience and employment skills, as well as a better understanding of their own Latino heritage. 
The Latino Advisory Board, and the following organizations are participating in the project:  El Comité de Longmont, Latino Task Force of Boulder County, Lafayette Latino Advisory Board, Boulder County Latina League, Boulder County Latino Coalition, El Centro AMISTAD, Intercambio de Comunidades, Longmont YMCA, Youth Center, City of Longmont, and the Adelante! Program at Boulder High School. 
In addition, we have received financial and other assistance from the Community Foundation Serving Boulder County, the Outreach Office at the University of Colorado at Boulder, the Longmont Museum and Cultural Center, the Longmont YMCA, the Oral History Program at the Carnegie Library for Local History, and private donors.

For more information visit the Latino History Project website.

Financial contributions to the Boulder County Latino History Project are welcome!